The world of cryptocurrency and Forex, known for its volatility, is about to embark on an extraordinary journey — to the Sea Summit. This blend of a Cryptocurrency Conference, Forex Expo, and a luxury cruise vacation for 9 days caught the attention of the community. Let’s explore whether it really lives up to its potential or offers valuable networking opportunities for crypto and Forex investors.

The Sea Summit event promises a distinctive fusion of financial technologies such as crypto and Forex, provides a platform for discussions on the future of Bitcoin, cryptocurrency trading masterclasses hosted by popular influencers, product launches by promising crypto and Forex startups at sea, participation in crowdfunding and engaging discussions led by top industry leaders – all against the backdrop of the open sea. Attendees can enjoy cocktails by the pool or experience a glamorous night at one of the cruise’s nightclubs alongside celebrities. There is no doubt that Sea Summit is not only the best crypto event held in the last decade, but also one of the largest industry events ever held globally.

What can attendees expect at Sea Summit?

Immerse yourself in informative crypto sessions, connect with the global crypto community, and witness groundbreaking pitches from startups seeking investment from influential venture capitalists. In addition, the event boasts 25 themed events held each day, offering plenty of opportunities for networking and collaboration.

The numbers certainly indicate the scale of the event:

AND- 12,000 Enthusiasts: From Newbies to Crypto and Forex Experts.
AND- 300+ Power Talks: Powered by top industry leaders and visionaries in the cryptocurrency and Forex world.
AND- More than 200 seminars: Live Trading Masterclass from the world’s top 100 cryptocurrency and forex influencers
AND- Focused on crypto and Forex start-ups: It gives young crypto entrepreneurs a chance to impress over 300 venture capitalists.
AND- Best CrowdFunding Ever: A unique live crowdfunding opportunity with potential participation from 6,000 to 12,000+ premium crypto and Forex investors.
AND- Star cast: Over 100 movie stars, artists and music legends along with over 250 international celebrities.
AND- Final numbers: 500-1000+ Crypto and Forex Start-ups.
AND- Premium networks: A chance to interact with VIPs in the cryptocurrency and Forex industry, making it one of the most luxurious events you can imagine.
AND- Greater than your imagination: All this against the background of one of the world’s 10 largest cruises, three times larger than the legendary Titanic, promising a spectacular experience.

In addition to cryptocurrency discussions, attendees can enjoy gourmet dining, state-of-the-art entertainment zones, and the chance to discuss the next big crypto idea under the stars or by the pool.

Rumors suggest that major players in the financial industry could attend the event, which could mean major changes or innovations in the crypto industry. However, at the time of writing, we do not know whether it is Jio Financial Services, Adani Capital, BlackRock or someone else. No official announcements have been made at this time.

For start-ups, the opportunity to pitch their ideas to more than 300 crypto VCs amidst the calm environment of the sea is undoubtedly unique and could lead to revolutionary developments in the crypto space.

With a budget exceeding $40 million, Sea Summit represents a major investment in the future of cryptocurrency. It’s not just an event; has the potential to set trends in the crypto and Forex industry. Sources indicate that the event has already received a $5 million sponsorship commitment, with Trillioner Token, founded by well-known crypto entrepreneur Lavish Choudhary, considering a $3 million commitment to the event. However, it is important to note that at the time of writing, the approval of the organizers remains unconfirmed.

Eminent figures in the crypto world including Abhyudoy Das, Vinay Chandra Lal and other global leaders in the crypto and Forex industry are part of the foundation and lend credibility to the initiative.

For cryptocurrency enthusiasts, Sea Summit is more than just talks and discussions; it’s an opportunity to experience the future of cryptocurrency in a luxurious and intellectually stimulating environment. It offers the potential for valuable connections, insights, partnerships, and lasting memories—a chapter in the crypto story you shouldn’t miss.

In short, Sea Summit 2023 has real potential to become a major event in the crypto and Forex calendar. Its scale, offerings and potential impact make it an event worth considering for members of the crypto and Forex community, investors and traders. It offers an enticing combination of luxury and cryptocurrency, making it an event that crypto enthusiasts can engage with.

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