A Marvel writer has collaborated with a black-owned manga company on a new light novel.

A black-owned manga digital comic magazine Saturday AM The magazine has announced the release of a collaboration with acclaimed Marvel writer Stephanie Williams on the first light novel.

The announcement was made at NCComicon’s SaturdayCON. It is called a light novel Apple Black Origin: Spectrum and Spectrumserves as a prelude to one of the magazine’s popular series Apple blackCreated by Nigerian artist/influencer Odunze Oguguo, known online as Whyt Manga. Apple black It follows Sano, a young wizard destined to become the savior of the world. His lineage goes back to ancestors who ate black apples that gave them witchcraft powers. Sano must learn to control the forces that could save or destroy the world. The series has now released three manga volumes, with a fourth scheduled for release on November 21st.

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Apple Black: Volume One cover by WhytManga, aka Odunze Oguguo

Oguguo and Williams worked together. Apple Black Origin: Spectrum and Spectrum It takes place nine years before the start Apple black Series. Williams is known for her contributions to popular titles such as Captain America And Scarlet Witch. Oguguo expressed excitement at the announcement, saying that Williams brought a lot of expertise and a unique perspective as a black female creator. The light novel is scheduled for release in June 2024, and is “hopefully” the first of many light novels. Apple Black Origin, Depending on how Spectrum and Specter It is sold.

Saturday AM Designed to bring diversity to manga, it is self-titled as “The World’s Most Diverse Manga-Inspired Comics Since 2013”. The brand includes the “Big Two” (their version of the “Big Three”) series Apple black And Clock Striker, The latter also features the first black female protagonist in manga. The company has developed a drawing guide, Saturday AM presents: How to draw different mangaTo help manga and comic artists “design and draw authentic manga characters that reflect diverse personalities and backgrounds.” This includes faces, features, bodies and hairstyles including afros, braids and waves to the exclusion of other views and ideas.

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White Manga Odunze Oguguo
Whyt Manga aka Odunze Oguguo in front of the advertising banner for his upcoming work with Stephanie Williams Black Apple Origins: Spectrum and Spectre.

The company has grown steadily since its inception a decade ago and now has a strong online presence in major retailers including Walmart and Barnes & Noble, as well as selling in 38 countries and adding artists based around the world. Series Clockwork It has recently been exhibited in two international galleries, including the Kyoto Manga Museum and African Innovation Forum in Japan. Founder Frederic Jones also said, “Coming Clockwork A collaboration with a major tech company for Black History Month (too early to tell). New media adaptations of Saturday AM’s most popular series were also a joke. They advised that they are “in talks with major media companies” to make adaptations that could include a first-of-its-kind webtoon and animation.

The light novel of Oguguo and Williams Apple Black Origin: Spectrum and Spectrum It is planned to be released on June 11. 2024. The first three volumes of Apple black They are now available at Amazon and many other retailers Saturday AM website.

Source: Saturday AM

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