Comment | The Public House is back in action – and it’s crazier than ever.

So did you think the election of a new speaker could calm the chaos and fraternity among House Republicans?

Oh my sweet summer baby.

This week, Rep. Marjorie Taylor Green (R-Ga.) condemned Rep. Rashida Taleb (D-Mich.) for allegedly being anti-Semitic, forcing a vote in the House. It was ridiculous that the congresswoman sued someone who was a Jewish space laser herself. other Being anti-Semitic. But her damning decision was over the top — accusing Tlieb of “leading a rebellion” — with 23 Republicans joining all Democrats in opposing it.

After the vote, Rep. Chip Roy (R-Texas) said on X, earlier on Twitter. Decision of criticism “It was grossly inaccurate and made claims that were not legally and factually substantiated, including the claim of leading a ‘rebellion’.”

Green shot back On social media: “You voted to kick me out of the Freedom Caucus, but kept CNN wannabe Ken Buck and Lauren Bobert on tap and voted with the Democrats to keep terrorist Tlib.”

To kick off this green frenzy: Rep. Ken Buck (R-Colo.) criticized his Republican colleagues’ plan to impeach President Biden without evidence, and Rep. Lauren Bobert (R-Colo.) was fired from the Denver performance. Musical “Beetle” involves sleeping with her friend and getting scratched after she messes up.

When asked about this allegation from Green, Roy said. The Hill’s Michael SchnellIf she wants to spend time on that sort of thing, tell her to chase the so-called Jewish space lasers.

for this, Green replied In a new post: “Oh shut up Colonel Sanders, you’re not from Texas, like the DMV. Roy, who grew up in northern Virginia, has a white goatee unlike the beard on his chin, the founder of Kentucky Fried Chicken.

Ladies and Gentlemen, please call the public and return your work.

In the nine days since Republicans ousted Mike Johnson from the backbenches, the new speaker led a second failed attempt to oust impeached Rep. George Santos (RN.Y.), introducing not one but two resolutions to impeach Trump, and a Decision to blame Rep. Jamal Bowman (DN.Y.) for pulling a fire alarm during a vote. Johnson has managed to turn an area where he gets all his support into a partisan brouhaha by funding Israel’s defense against Hamas over a provision that makes it easier for the wealthy to cheat on their taxes. With just two weeks until federal government funding runs out, Johnson is floating a “laddered” approach that would replace the looming shutdown threat with 12 new shutdown threats.

If this is the intention of the new Speaker’s House, perhaps it was not so bad that the House has no Speaker and no work for 22 days.

Infighting within the GOP continued after Johnson’s elevation. Ways and Means Committee Chairman Jason T. Getz responded – by, some speculated, Swearing on social media Smith is gay. “He called me a liar,” Gaetz wrote. “It’s a somewhat predictable prediction. Because he lives a lie every day. Getz declined to comment.

Oversight Committee Chairman James Comer (R-KY) said in a statement that “Joe Biden received $40,000 in illegally obtained Chinese funds” and continued efforts to impeach Biden. Bank records show that when the current president was a private citizen, Biden actually repaid a loan he made to his brother.

“I don’t know if I want to go through a trial anymore, to be honest,” he said of the questioning of why Comer’s accusations have faltered in the investigation. He chooses closed doors where he can flow, choosing to create false impressions.

Buck pointed to his colleagues’ allergy to facts when he announced his retirement from Congress this week. “Too many Republican leaders are lying to America that the 2020 election was rigged, describing Jan. 6 as an unguided tour of the Capitol and asserting that the allegations are a tool of our justice system,” Buck said. A video explaining why he stopped. Describing these “self-serving lies,” he said: “These insidious narratives perpetuate widespread disinformation and erode Americans’ faith in the rule of law.” It is not possible for the Republican Party to face our problems and provide course correction for the future while wallowing in vengeance and revenge for past injustices.

Johnson’s response to all this: more self-serving lies. In his first interview as speaker, he told Fox News’ Sean Hannity that it “looked and smelled like” Biden had accepted a bribe. In addition, Homeland Security Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas has “committed impeachable crimes” and said that Biden with Hannity had “decreased awareness.” (At a subsequent news conference, Johnson said that the impeachment inquiry, which Comer and others are using as a fundraising tool, is “out of bounds of politics.”)

“People are curious. What does Mike Johnson think about anything under the sun? ” Johnson told Hannity. “Okay, go get your Bible off the shelf and read it. This is my worldview. “

Honorable Speaker, what about perjury?

Johnson was retained this week by someone else at the nonpartisan Congressional Budget Office. Republicans said their bill, which provided $14.5 billion in aid to Israel, was “broken” by deducting the same amount from the IRS. But the CBO forecast predicted that cuts to the IRS would indeed happen. Cost The federal government is offering an additional $12.5 billion in reduced enforcement to make it easier for people to cheat on their taxes.

“Only in Washington, when you cut spending, they call it a deficit increase.” Johnson responded For CBO.

Only in Louisiana, if you stop collecting taxes, you think your tax bill will go up.

Johnson continues to move spending bills through the House along party lines at levels that violate the bipartisan budget agreement reached this year. In the Senate, by contrast, a package of spending bills passed this week on a broad bipartisan vote of 82-15. Sen. Patty Murray (D-Wash.), chairwoman of the Senate Treasury Committee, urged her House counterparts to “get serious about governance, get back to the spending deal they negotiated, and work with us to complete bipartisan bills.”

But that won’t happen. He found a House “chaos caucus” man who impeached McCarthy and turned off the lights in his chamber for 22 days. Johnson is well on his way to becoming a chaos speaker.

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