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NEW YORK, United States, Nov. 20, 2023 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — Fortune, a global enterprise and digital services company, recently partnered with Spot to develop a robust data platform to support its future growth plans. The platform supports standardized data, streamlines processes, and provides analytics and insights to decision makers.

Spot, a leading third-party logistics company in North America, offers innovative, customized solutions, connecting just-in-time shippers with the widest network of carriers. Given the scale and complexity of the network, SPOT required a unique analytics platform where key business data was available in real-time. The data will be used to design a comprehensive data strategy and technology approach.

Fortitude first conducted a health assessment to assess Spot’s data assets, reporting and analytics processes, and overall analytics. “We realized that our first data management tool required more than one focus,” said Ben Garvin, director of information technology at Spot. “Prior to consulting with Fortude, we couldn’t just use existing data to generate reports and gain business insights. Moreover, our data scientists spent a lot of time cleaning and ranking existing data because we couldn’t customize our teams’ access to it. With Fortude’s knowledge and support, Microsoft Azure data services-based data We have developed a management and analytics platform that uses Azure Data Lake Gen2, Data Factory, Databricks, Synapse Analytics and Machine Learning with Power BI for enterprise data models and analytics.

Spot teams can now view key business insights on dashboards with self-serve analytics to build their reports and understand the implications of their business performance metrics. Additionally, you can perform predictive analytics and access real-time analytics using reliable, standardized data. The data helps the spot teams identify and correct deficiencies that increase operating costs, helping to save significant costs over time. The company observed that data scientists spend up to 60-70% less time cleaning and editing data. At the same time, customized reports were useful for gaining insights into specific business conditions.

“Creating a resilient data analytics platform is like a custom home,” said Gogula Aryalingam, associate vice president of data and AI at fortune. “You start with an architectural plan to set up the space, prepare the database, and build the storage framework. You then augment the platform with KPIs, business metrics, and machine learning models, which provide valuable input that provides insight into your business’s performance, drivers, and improvement strategies.”

After establishing a strong foundation for its data and AI architecture, Spot will continue to grow in its data journey. The architecture in place encourages self-service business intelligence and data science initiatives across departments – these feed into the value of standardization of business metrics, resulting in business acceleration.

About Fortune

Fortune is a global enterprise solutions company that provides essential digital solutions to clients around the world. The company’s enterprise digital services capabilities span ERP, integrations, application development, data analytics, managed services, automation and digital consulting.

Fortune has offices in the US, Canada, UK, Sri Lanka, India, Singapore and Australia and has partnerships with several large global technology, cloud and automation products companies.

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About Spot

As one of the fastest growing logistics companies in North America, Spot is built on relationships, combining 24/7 support with a proven, passionate and dedicated team of logistics professionals. SPOT provides customized, customized logistics solutions for shipping through unremitting efforts, industry expertise and advanced technologies. Founded in 2009 with the vision of a better way to deliver freight, Spot has more than 600 employees in the US locations of Indianapolis, Indiana, Charlotte, North Carolina, Tempe, Arizona, Tampa, Florida and Chicago, Illinois. For more information, visit Spot’s website at

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