Leading Chinese AI company DeepBlue Technology has hired international partners.

SHANGHAI, China–(The News File – Nov. 10, 2023) – Chinese artificial intelligence enterprise DeepBlue Technology recently held its first annual Channel Building Conference, attended by more than 200 channel building partners.

Chen Haibo, founder and chairman of DeepBlue Technology, announced the opening of the entire industry chain for ecosystem cooperation and laid out a cooperation strategy that will help partners grow into “diversified revenue partners”. About 30 channel agents have signed cooperation agreements on the site, totaling more than 500 million.

DeepBlue Annual Channel Building Conference

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Business strategic planning and cooperation policies including AI Robots, Autonomous Driving Vehicles, Virtual Digital Human and other products were presented in detail at the conference. After cooperation, DeepBlue Technology will provide strong technical and policy support in monitoring and jointly build the “DeepBlue + partner” product sales system with channel co-building partners.

Chen Haibo said, “It has always been our dream to seek common development by coordinating with partners from various industries with multiple viewpoints.” “It is a comprehensive cooperation to share the strength of both sides. Therefore, we need more partners to promote the continuous development of AI technology and its wide application in various industries.”

According to public data, DeepBlue Technology has provided revolutionary products in autonomous driving, intelligent robots, industrial intelligence and AI medical science and technology. It is the only artificial intelligence company in the domestic AI industry with the ability to integrate soft and hard delivery.

The wheeled-legged family AI robot Blue Gym

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Meanwhile, the first wheel-legged family AI robot equipped with a large silicon-based intelligence model was officially unveiled at the conference. This large-scale indoor robot BLUE GEM is independently developed by DeepBlue technology, which represents a smarter and more intelligent future of home automation in the era of large-scale models. Once released, the DeepBlue family robot received its co-op orders from nearly 10 channel co-build partners on the site.

As the world’s first wheeled-legged family AI robot with a large silicon-based intelligence model, BLUE GEM has both leg flexibility and wheel mobility, a variety of movement patterns, and the ability to adapt to complex terrains.

With the wheel-leg motion control structure and related algorithms developed by DeepBlue, BLUE GEM can easily complete actions such as two-legged or one-legged slope and walk freely in various complex areas such as speed bumps, stairs. , slopes and so on. Meanwhile, benefiting from DeepBlue AI visual recognition technology and autonomous navigation technology, BLUE GEM can complete more flexible intelligent interaction and move autonomously to find objects.

In terms of specific functions, BLUE GEM has been carefully designed with thoughtful and humane performance. It has smart companion, kids education, safety monitoring, companion development and other main functions.

The staff of DeepBlue’s technology department introduced, “This indoor AI robot has feature selection and pre-training. But in addition to the main functions, we put some skills and functions. After entering the family, it can be gradually introduced and developed. New mental judgment, rational thinking can be established. And habits.”

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