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Shopping options can be fun and get your heart racing.

There’s no doubt that the ability to make (or lose) a lot of money can be fun really fast.

But at the end of the day, for almost all traders, It is simply gambling. 🎲

Now, I like to gamble as much as anyone, but when it comes to my personal business, I take it very seriously. I want to use techniques that give me a leg up on the market, and I don’t feel like I’m gambling on every trade I make.

One of the easiest edges you can find in trading is by Sales options.

I wanted to go with you on a business that I arranged with me Alpha hunter Members Today, I teach thousands of people how to harness the power of option trading.

This is a business I am very proud of.

I’m not proud just because I made money. But I’m really happy How I endured And the market was going to work.

I’m not normally a day trader, but in this market, it’s working really well for me, so I’ll keep at it.

If you look at the table, you will see that There is a gap high up the spy. This morning, and soon after the market opened, it began to fall.

I was pretty sure we were going to see dip buying, so I wanted to sell to the “explorers” who wanted to bet that things were going lower.

A few times, I wanted to skip things early because I was so sure, but waiting for my Flashing technical indicators suitable time To do businessnailed the timing on this one.

As you can clearly see in the screenshot I took from my phone as soon as I saw the setup I wanted, I quickly took action by sending an alert to my member’s phones with my plan.

Then, I sent another alert that the profit trigger was hit (top alert). What a great business to start the day!

Losses happen and are opportunities to learn. Don’t expect to repeat it.

in marketing, time It’s everything..

If I’m too early, I might be set for a loss. If I’m too late, I miss the input I want. In any case, I had lost the opportunity for that profit.

By the way, if you don’t have access yet, you can join us here. Live business class Now for a great monthly price. (Make sure you use the code: Cheers.)

Oh, and that trade-off 1500 dollars from profit in my pocket root 26 minutes!

Yes, a 45% return In less time than it takes me to drink coffee!

Of course, not all trades do this right, but I have this system dialed in pretty well right now.

I would like to share with you how I used it. A bracketed entry For this.

After opening the business, I’m finally ready to go for breakfast (I know it’s 11am, but it’s been a busy morning!).

But I have a rule I don’t leave a day’s trade. Unsupervised.

Things are pretty wild during the day, and being away for just a few minutes can cause huge losses if I’m not careful.

When I want to set a stop loss for a trade but want to make a profit on it, I use what is called “”.Bracketed business.

In this type of transaction, the system automatically triggers my order for whatever happens first.

I took a screenshot of a business I did as an example of how that works.

You can see that I have prepared one 45% stop loss or a 45% profit. (Fortunately, the upside is a hit!)

By doing this, I am already familiar with a A type of business with high potential I think a High probability technical configuration.

i have been Win more 70% at the time On these businesses if you look at my business journal.

This means that if I set both my stop loss and profit targets at the same amount, the math says I should make money over time – and that’s exactly what I can do using a bracket order.

That’s why I’m so excited to host these businesses so often!

I would love for you to learn how to do these types of business as well.

I know it can be scary to start something new, so I am Providing Unusual Warranty Now on my Alpha Hunter program.

It is a guarantee that I have not given before, and I am the only one Allowing 50 people To get to it.

But I won’t spill the beans here. Click the link and see what this amazing thing is for yourself!

If you want to join me on my business trip and see how I go The goal of doing 10,000 dollars Every month, there was no better time.

I promise that if you put the lessons I teach you to work, you will become a better trader.

In fact, I even want you to copy every trade I make on your own paper, so you can learn exactly how this works.

Once you start doing this on your own, you will be frustrated!

P.S If you want a link to my online trading journal and see all the Alpha Hunter trades, just get in touch Jeff Brown @ 800-585-4488 or email [email protected]. They can also answer any questions, help with payment plans, or help you apply any existing credit on your account.

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