Penetration in campaign finance

Since Jan. 1 through Friday afternoon, more than 11,300 people have donated more than $8.7 million to 350 Idaho candidates and 143 political action committees.

About 250 candidates and 92 PACs spent nearly $3.9 million on 2,595 vendors, according to the Idaho Secretary of State’s campaign finance website.

Donations to candidates this election cycle were reported to be over $3.1 million, while donations to PACs were reported to be $5.6 million. Candidates alone spent $1.2 million and PACs spent nearly $2.7 million.

The team at Coeur d’Alene Press reviewed campaign finance data for local candidates in large cities and school districts as of Jan. 1. As Election Day is Tuesday, here’s a breakdown of the campaign’s funding and cash flows. year.

Postal Falls City

Randy Westlund, candidate for Post Falls City Council Seat 5, leads the list in the Post Falls race with $7,415 in contributions from seven donors, including $4,200 from himself. Westlund’s largest other contributions were $120 from Racketeer Cigar and Whiskey Lounge and $100 from Tyson Creek, LLC. It has costs ranging from $3,460 to 17 vendors, with the highest cost going to at $1,098.

James Stephenson, who is running for Seat 1, received $3,200 in unexpended contributions. He received contributions of $1,000 each from three donors: JMC Idaho, Inc. DBA Riverbend Commerce Park; Copper Basin Construction and Rudeen Management.

Seat 1 candidate Samantha Stiegelder raised $2,546, including a $1,240.55 loan to herself and a $500 loan from Alan Neal. She reported $2,170 in expenses, incl. $600.82 for Republican symbols. Other large donations were from Brent Regan, $100; $100 from Tyson Creek and $100 from Robert Stigleder.

Incumbent Joe Malloy has $759.74 on hand for Council Seat 3 since Jan. 1 with $70 in expenses.

City of Coeur d’Alene

Dan Gukin, Seat 3 incumbent, received $20,261 from 110 donors. That includes $3,211.80 of his own. He received a $1,000 donation each from Boise Firefighters PAC, Coeur d’Alene Police Officers Association and Firefighters Local 710.

Gookin’s expenses totaled $14,730, including $6,814.53 with direct mail input. and $1,868.75 in Lamar advertising.

Dan English, seat 5, received $11,790 from 65 donors, including $1,400 from himself. Top donors are Boise Firefighters PAC, Coeur d’Alene Police Officers Association and Firefighters Local 710 with $1,000 each.
English expenses totaled $10,756, per Range NW Inc. A market cap of $8,399.

Christy Wood, Seat 1, received $16,145 from 72 donors, including $3,000 from herself. Contributions of $1,000 came from Boise Firefighters PAC, Coeur d’Alene Police Officers Association, Firefighters Local 710 and Joe Hazel.

Lumber costs totaled $7,611. Her top three spending on Lamar advertising was $1,868.75; $1,650 at Granier Marketing and $1,500 at Minute Press.

Robert Knutson, Seat 5, challenger, received $5,139 from six donors, including $1,564.24 from himself.

Gifts of $1,000 were received from Kathleen Herfert, John Wieser and Ronald McGee.
Knutson’s expenses totaled $4,990, including $2,378.83 with VistaPrint and $840 with Coeur d’Alene Press.

Seat 3 challenger Clark Albritto received $11,780 from 20 donors, including $8,000 from himself. A $1,000 donation from Joan Albritton and the Spartacus Coins Bullion Collector.

Albritton’s expenses totaled $3,374, including $3,173.18 for McShane, LLC, for media strategy/political consulting.

Brian Winkler, the Seat 1 challenger, received $7,099 from 22 donors, including $1,000 from himself. A gift of $1,000 was received from Donna Miller and Larry Boyd.

Winkler’s expenses totaled $2,206. The highest expenditures were $1,013.48.18 on Republican signs and $968.76 on Progressive Print.

Seat 5 challenger Roger Garlock received $4,205 from 19 donors, including his own contribution of $86.80. Andy Sims donated $1,000.

Garlock’s spending of $1,516 included $700 on Republican signs; $400 at Maudie’s Digital Marketing and $189.57 at Costco.

Hayden City

Alan Davis, who is running for mayor of Hayden, received $9,164 from 17 donors. This amount includes $2,000 of Davis’ own money. The top three donors contributed between $900 and $999 each, including Steve Meyer, John and Connie Young, and Joey Richards. Davis has spent $4,465 on the campaign to date, including $4,254 with International Minute Press for literature, brochures and printing.

Hayden mayoral candidate Luke Sommer received $4,934 from 12 donors, including $3,000 of his own money. Ty McCamley was the largest donor, giving $250. Sommer has spent $4,485 so far and more than $2,121 on Republican signs. Sommer spent $1,000 on tickets with the Kootenai County Republican Women Federated.

Hayden City Council Seat 3 candidate Tom Shaffer received $6,247 from 47 donors, including $1,490 in private financing. So far, Brent Regan has given the most to Shafer’s campaign at $500, while Melanie Herman has given $300. Shaffer spent $1,119 with Republican Signs, $1,000 with KCRWF for tickets, and $530 with Bretzman LLC for event and product advertising.

Roger Satterfiel earned $5,690 as of Friday. Saterfiel’s top contributions were $990 from John Young and $900 from Joey Richards. Alan Rock, Ronald McIntyre, Timothy Comberek, Addison Satterfill and Donald Smoak each gave $500 to Satterfill’s campaign. So far, Saterfiel has spent $1,653 on his campaign, based on C-2 filings. Most of the money spent went to the International Minute Press with $1,424 for yard signs.

Coeur d’Alene School District

The two seats up for election on the Coeur d’Alene School District’s Board of Trustees are among the most expensive school board races in Idaho.

In Zone 2, incumbent Jimmy McAndrew has received $17,523 in campaign contributions from 49 donors as of Friday. Nine donors, a mix of individuals and entities, contributed $1,000 each: Rose Backs, Braden Tommerup, BLT Leasing Co., Riverstone Holdings, Rick Rasmussen, Ryan Nipp, Ada Rouse, Gary Schneidmiller and Joel Pearl.

McAndrew reported $11,729 in expenses for three vendors as of Friday. The campaign spent $7,500 on Blue Zone Marketing, a Coeur d’Alene-based digital marketing agency, as well as $3,683 on International Minute Press and $546 on printing firm Allegra Marketing Print Mail.

Challenger Yasmin Harris received $6,567 from 18 donors, including $2,100 from Yasmin Harris’ donation. The biggest donors so far are Andrew Murray and Ala Alam, who each gave $1,000.

Harris’ campaign reported spending $3,581, the largest of which was $1,226 with yard marker Republican signs and $657 with Action Printers.

No contributions or expenses have been disclosed for Mike Stavish, another challenger running in District 2.

Zone 3 incumbent Heather Tenbrink said she received $5,295 from 31 donors, including $49 from Heather Tenbrink. The three largest donors – Steven Roberge, Jill Goetz and Melissa Tonkzak – each gave $50.

Tenbrink reports spending $1,261 so far. The campaign’s biggest spenders were $78 for website builder Wix, as well as $26 at Staples.

Zone 3 challenger Matt Blatt received $2,120 from 20 donors, including $250 from Matt Blatt. The five largest donors gave $500 each: Diana Sheridan, William Green, Brenda Grassell, Brian Wallace and Kathryn Hoffman.

Blatt’s campaign reported spending $904, with the largest expenditures being $250 on Republican signs and $137 on ProPrint.

Lakeland School District

Ramona Grissom, a District 2 trustee candidate, received $775 from five donors this election cycle and spent $32.

Cherish Hansen received $2,050 in contributions while challenging Grissom in District 2. The largest contributions were $1,000 from Northwestern Specialty Hospital and $1,000 from Lakeland Immediate Care. Her expenses totaled $961, per vendor International Minute Press.

Randy Bain, the incumbent trustee candidate in Zone 1, received $489 from five donors. The largest donation was $150 from Anita Dupczyk. As of Friday, her spending totaled $174.

Sheila Holfelz, running for trustee in Zone 3, received $2,300 from four donors. The largest donations, at $1,000 each, came from Northwest Specialty Hospital and Urgent Care of Lakeland. Holfeltz spent $1,701, most of which went to the International Minute Press.

Michelle Thompson in Zone 3 received $1,598 in contributions, with the top contributions coming from Nate DePutter, $500, and Jacqueline Myers, $499. She spent $461 at Vistaprint.

Political action committees

Between May 17 — the day after the May election — and Nov. 3, the Kootenay County Republican Central Committee reported $5,161 in contributions. The Central Committee’s largest single donor, Peter Gambe, gave $1,000 in that window, while Lady-Jean Ramsey donated $500.

KCRCC has spent $70,320 as of Oct. 18, the most recent date for which reporting data is available. Of those expenses, $20,866 went to McShane LLC, a political consulting firm in Las Vegas.

In October, the Central Committee reported $19,802 in advertising expenditures in the Public Pen publication.

Campaign finance disclosure forms indicate that the ads support 19 local office candidates, all of whom KCRCC endorsed prior to the election: Brian Winkler, Clark Albritton, Roger Garlock, Yasmin Harris, Matt Blatt, Samantha Stiegelder, Joe Malloy, Randy Westlund, Mike Hill, Larry Sanders; Brandi Bain, Ramona Grissom, Michelle Thompson, Jonathon Verkist, Tommy LaPonsey, Luke Sommer, Thomas Shafer, Justin Rupinski and Susan Jean Supp

The Central Committee reported $14,228 in proprint printing and posting expenses.

Citizens, a nonpartisan political action committee to elect qualified and experienced candidates, reported $14,118 from 55 donors between May 17 and Oct. 30.

Judy Meyer, the largest donor in that window, donated $3,000. John Young donated $2,822, Joey Richards donated $1,000.

The group reported $10,902 in expenses, including $3,809 for Sunnybrook Strategy for broadcast advertising. Campaign finance disclosure forms indicate the ads are Facebook posts endorsing the group’s recommended candidates: Christy Wood, Dan Gokin, Dan English, Alan Davis, Roger Satterfiel, Jimmy McAndrew, Heather Tenbrink, Randy Bain, Cherish Hansen, Sheila Holfetz and Pam House.

The highest cost per citizen to select qualified and experienced candidates is $2,600 at Staples and $2,430 at Hagadone Media for print advertising.

North Idaho Republicans received $1,750 from four donors this election cycle. Three donors gave $500 each: Molly Cyr, Lonne Jordahl and Steve and Marie Widmyer.

The Political Action Committee In the year As of November 1, he reported $2,251 in expenses.

Ads paid for by North Idaho Republicans support 14 local candidates, according to campaign finance disclosure forms: Christie Wood, Dan Gookin, Alan Davis, Roger Saterfiel, John Lamb, James Steffensen, Joe Malloy, Joe Bodman, Jimmy McAndrew, Heather Tenbrink, Randy Bain, Cherish Hansen, Sheila Holfeltz and Pam House.

Except for city and school district candidates, there was no reporting record through the Idaho Secretary of State’s campaign finance portal.

Bill Bulley, Devin Weeks, Kay Thornbrugh, Josa Snow and Maureen Dolan contributed to this report.

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