“RecNation Completes Trifecta”. The company will launch two additional service businesses that will further enhance its market-leading position in the boat and RV storage industry.

Launching RecNation will improve its service delivery “RecExec” It is the first Third party management Business exclusively focused on professionally managing boat and RV storage properties across the country owned by other property owners and real estate developers.

RecNation also starts Resell The first officially licensed RV brokerage business, the company maximizes the value of its customers’ RVs with a consignment-based approach that minimizes the time and cost of selling an RV. This business fulfills. “tenant” Earlier this year, the company launched an RV rental business.

Reconnaissance also released Q3Report“Detailing critical information, trends and updates specifically for storage owners, operators, investors and contractors.”

Dallas, October 31, 2023–(BUSINESS WIRE)– RecNation Storage (“RecNation” or the “Company”), a leading owner, operator and developer of specialty recreational vehicle and marine storage facilities, today announced the launch of two specialty service companies.RecExec“And”resale,It further expands the company’s leading position in the marine and RV storage industry.

RecExec“It will allow the company to offer its market-leading marketing, sales and operational expertise to other property owners and developers. It will allow the company to pass on the savings it generates over time across all of its owned and managed properties.” Launching Professionally Managed 3rd Party Business has been a tremendous success and demonstrates the strength and sophistication of the operational platform used by our previous data center business – CyrusOne – which allows us to efficiently manage these assets in a highly automated and centralized way,” said Gary Wojtasek, CEO and founder of Reknation. Every publicly traded self-storage REIT has a third-party management company that complements and greatly enhances their core real estate investments, reinforcing their market-leading position. We intend to do the same in boat and RV storage.

As the largest institutional platform in the industry, RecNation can deliver significant economies of scale to the distributed asset class by acquiring, designing, building and operating premium storage facilities and now offers that service to other asset owners and real estate developers. The company continues to innovate and expand its product and service offerings to enhance the customer experience.

RecNation’s third-party management services are uniquely suited to a wide audience, whether developers are an experienced Day 1 operator or existing owners looking to move on to their next project and take advantage of the larger institutional RV & Boat scale. Storage company. Reach out for questions [email protected]

Resell“The company is an officially licensed RV dealer, which allows the company to provide RV storage to customers interested in selling their RVs. Resell He praises Recreational The company launched the RV rental business earlier this year. Combined, this allows RecNation to allow all of its RV customers to rent out RVs and earn extra income like Airbnb does for homeowners, and if they want, sell RVs in a very convenient, low-risk way. “This is another example of the improved customer value we offer our storage customers and reinforces why they choose us as their RV storage solution. We are building the strongest ecosystem in the recreational storage market.” said Gary Wojtasek, head camper.

RecNation released the Q3 “RecReport,” the company’s comprehensive industry update report designed to provide owners, developers, brokers, investors and outsiders with invaluable insight into the RV and boating industry. It highlights several trends and key storage market drivers for the recreational vehicle and marine industry. Whether you’re a seasoned owner or a road trip adventurer, the report is your key to first-hand insight into the world of RV and boat storage.

About RecNation

RecNation acquires, builds and manages exclusive RV and boat storage facilities throughout the United States. The company was founded to meet the growing storage requirements of recreational and marine vehicle owners. As the first institutional unit, specialty storage company created to meet the growing storage needs of recreational and marine vehicles, RecNation has solidified its position as the leading recreational storage operator in the nation. In the year Since its inception in 2020, it has significantly expanded its footprint to 54 locations in Texas, Florida, Arizona, Kansas, Tennessee and Missouri to serve a growing community of outdoor and recreation enthusiasts.

RecNation has partnered with WOJO Capital Partners, LLC and Centerbridge Partners, LP, a private investment management firm, to accelerate its expansion into a national platform dedicated to serving recreational and marine storage enthusiasts across the country.

To learn more about RV and boat storage trends, visit recnationstorage.com/recreport-q3-2023/ and to find a storage location near you, visit: recnationstorage.com/boat-rv-storage-locations

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