Banks of China, Hong Kong, local government financing vehicles

Moody’s Investors Service downgraded its outlook for eight Chinese banks from stable to negative. This comes a day after he downgraded China’s credit rating. The rating agency also downgraded Hong Kong’s outlook from stable to negative, citing its ties to mainland China. Moody’s has downgraded its outlook on 22 Chinese local government financing vehicles. A … Read more

McDonald’s plans to record global expansion, optimism about China remains: CEO

McDonald’s ( MCD ) is offering investors an impressive growth plan as it looks to expand its customer base around the world. The Golden Arches chain announced plans to expand to 50,000 global locations by 2027 β€” the fastest growth rate in its history β€” while investing in technology, loyalty programs and more. McDonald’s CEO … Read more

Veteran business partners have found manufacturing success, expanding in central Ohio.

COLUMBUS, Ohio (WSYX) – At Utility Group Solutions, employees and owners proudly wear a USA flag patch on their shirt sleeves. “Made in America” ​​is an underlying theme at USG, not only in the products they manufacture and ship from their Columbus manufacturing center, but also in the leadership team. Wrestling veterans Danny Fields and … Read more

Exclusive: US, China should engage more with emerging APEC economies, says trade chief of 2024 host country Peru

At a time when geopolitical differences are growing among the 21 members, Lima will focus on maintaining the importance of APEC by emphasizing the expansion of trade and diversification of investment, he said. 03:11 Xi and Kishida reaffirm Japan-China strategic ties in rare summit talks after APEC summit Xi and Kishida reaffirm Japan-China strategic ties … Read more

China’s trade: ‘shocking sign’ as October exports drag and regional rivals prosper, testing ties with global economy

“Furthermore, the relocation of the supply chain may already be driving exports away from China.” A worrying sign is that the decline in exports is weakening the relationship between China and the global economy.He is jun Vietnam, one of China’s favorite investment destinations, saw its exports rise for a second straight month after a 5.9 … Read more

Here’s where investors shouldn’t sell on the hate-Apple-business headlines

Investors shouldn’t jump to load up on Apple ( AAPL ) shares due to a few cautious reports ahead of this week’s quarterly results. In recent days, the narrative shaped by financial media and Wall Street analysts has focused on Apple’s relationship with Alphabet ( GOOGL ) on Google Search, the iPhone 15’s first sales … Read more

US Business Group Meets Chinese Foreign Minister, Appreciates Exchanges Ahead of APEC Summit

Minister Wang Yi at the White House in Washington, DC on Friday, October 27 (Photo by Liu Ji/Xinhua via Getty Images) Xinhua News Agency via Getty Images Representatives of the US-China Business Council, which represents more than 275 American companies doing business in China, met with Chinese Foreign Minister Wang Yi in Washington on Saturday … Read more

‘Unhindered Trade’: China Begins Pledge of $10 Billion to African Businesses

Now an increasing number of small and medium-sized enterprises want to enter the huge Chinese market – but they do not have the business finance. 02:48 Chinese President Xi Jinping announced an 8-point vision for the country’s Belt and Road Initiative at the forum. Chinese President Xi Jinping announced an 8-point vision for the country’s … Read more