Webjet Limited (ASX:WEB) is largely controlled by institutional shareholders who own 51% of the company.

Key insights Institutions’ significant holdings in Webjet show that they have a significant impact on the company’s stock price. 51% of the business is owned by the top 16 shareholders. Insiders have been buying lately. A look at the shareholders of WebJet Limited (ASX:WEB) can tell us which group is the most powerful. We can … Read more

Where the company’s federal case stands

It’s been more than a year since federal indictments were filed against Louisville-based Magnetics Co. and three top executives, alleging they sent classified U.S. military intelligence to China and defrauded the Defense Department. The case is still ongoing, with the court system set for trial for the company and three defendants tentatively scheduled for early … Read more

Individual investors own 25% of OUTsurance Group Limited (JSE:OUT) shares, but private equity firms control 31% of the company.

Key insights OUTsurance Group’s significant ownership by private equity firms suggests that its key decisions are influenced by large public shareholders. In total, 3 investors hold 55% ownership stake in the company. Institutions own 20% of OUTsurance Group. A look at the shareholders of OUTsurance Group Limited (JSE:OUT) can tell us which group is the … Read more

2U CEO ‘Chip’ Pawkek when ed tech company ends USC partnership

The founder and CEO of influential ed tech company 2U follows the news that the company and its top academic partner, the University of Southern California, are severing their decade-and-a-half-year relationship. In a news release Friday morning, the company said it will replace longtime leader Christopher “Chip” Pawkek. It quoted the head of the company’s … Read more

Allowing people to work from home is good for revenue growth for companies.

Matthew Boyle | Bloomberg Companies that allow remote work experience four times faster revenue growth than those that stick to in-office presence, a new survey shows, adding more fuel to the debate over productivity and performance in today’s workplace. An analysis of 554 public companies employing a total of 26.7 million people found that “fully … Read more

This business is delighted to be located in Reading.

Since Valley Auto Wholesale closed downtown two years ago, Don Hoff Jr. and his family, who own the corner lot at Eureka Way and Market Street, have been trying to fill the void there. They thought they were dealing with another used car business, but it fell through. For a while, the property served as … Read more

Release of employee restricted stock units in Salmar SA (the “Company”) and sale by key insiders.

Salmar A.A 1. Participants of the company’s RSU program You vested a total of 87,990 RSUs on November 10, 2023. After the release, 87,990 shares will be transferred from the company’s stock holding. After the transaction, the company has 488,256 of its own shares in Salmar SA and its wholly owned subsidiary NTS AS has … Read more

“RecNation Completes Trifecta”. The company will launch two additional service businesses that will further enhance its market-leading position in the boat and RV storage industry.

Launching RecNation will improve its service delivery “RecExec” It is the first Third party management Business exclusively focused on professionally managing boat and RV storage properties across the country owned by other property owners and real estate developers. RecNation also starts “Resell“ The first officially licensed RV brokerage business, the company maximizes the value of … Read more

Investors and senators see an opportunity in the Florida insurance crisis

TALLAHASSEE – When Floridians shop for homeowners insurance policies next year, they may find several new companies offering coverage. Including one company backed by a state senator. Investors see opportunity in Florida’s depressed insurance market, lured by new laws that make it harder to sue insurance companies and raise premiums in the country. Current and … Read more