Why La Colombe put the AI ​​company in charge of the video advertisement

La Colombe was ready to make its marketing mix like cold-pressed espresso, oat milk and ice cubes. After emerging from the Covid-19 lockdowns in February 2022, La Colombe has seen customers return to the cafe in person but run into station traffic. The company’s most pressing goal became driving site traffic from new audiences—a goal … Read more

The Intuit GenAI Revolution: Simplifying Finances, Changing Lives

Artificial Intelligence (AI) is poised to change the world for the better, touching every industry and opening up new opportunities for growth. Intuit, a global financial technology platform with 100 million customers worldwide, truly believes that AI is a game changer and declared its strategy to be an AI-driven professional platform five years ago. Intuit … Read more

Fortitude works with the leading logistics company SpotTo

NEW YORK, United States, Nov. 20, 2023 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — Fortune, a global enterprise and digital services company, recently partnered with Spot to develop a robust data platform to support its future growth plans. The platform supports standardized data, streamlines processes, and provides analytics and insights to decision makers. Spot, a leading third-party logistics company … Read more

The transformative role of AI in the Indian auto finance industry

The wave of digital transformation is sweeping across industries, and the Indian auto finance sector is no exception. Automotive lenders around the world are digitizing the consumer experience using technologies like e-signatures, biometrics and ID verification. As paper forms and manual ID checks are being replaced by digital platforms, the process of applying for a … Read more