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Signed with a record company Jeff Castellaz Cast Management, on the other hand, speaks Billboard.

The signing announcement follows the release of the band’s fan-favorite lead. 4th albumAfter being dropped by Concord Music late last year, his new label dropped in September via Round Hill Records.

In the year Featuring the Grammy-nominated, LA-based roots rock trio formed in 2011. Chris Voss (guitar, lead vocals), Alex Stiff (bass) and Mark Cazorla (drum). The band’s debut album, They will answer youIt included the hit single “Out of Earth,” which earned him two Grammy nominations, a No. 1 single at AAA radio and an opening spot for John Mayer on his tour.



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View the latest videos, charts and news

With a new album out, The Record Company is back on the road in 2023. He plays the Regent Theater in LA this month (November 18). He will play White Oak Music Hall in Houston (Jan. 20), the 9:30 Club in Washington, D.C. (Feb. 2) and the Fillmore in San Francisco (March 14).

“The new record is a very real reflection of where we’ve been in our careers and how we’ve prepared ourselves to move forward,” says Voss. Billboard. “As an artist, when you’re in a challenging time, the only choice you have is to do what feels most honest and true to yourself, and that’s what we’re trying to do. album”

The band, which was dropped by its previous label late last year, canceled the tour and wrote new music “with the intention of holding ourselves accountable for these songs,” Voss explained. “When we finished, we felt like we belonged. [made] A really real record and we can stop after that.

The new album was recorded in Stiff’s LA home and relied on old, weathered instruments and makeshift studio equipment to capture a more rootsy sound. Before recording, the band members said, “Let’s do something that made us happy years ago when we started as a band.” “Putting our heads together and setting up the microphone and doing it ourselves.”

“The heads on the drum hadn’t been changed in 12 years,” Cazorla said as he pulled out the drum. It wasn’t a conscious decision not to include anything new – but there’s magic in those old tools. They seem to have a story to tell.”

4th recordd has been well-received by fans for his back-to-the-roots sound, consistency and rawness, with challenging moments such as the track “Monday’s Dance”, with needlepoint and garage-rock-turned-blues vocals.

“It’s a song about getting out of a dead-end,” says Stiff, who comes up with the song’s hook as a quick quip after being invited to a school night. In time, the idea became, “I’m not going to dance for anyone anymore.” “That’s how I bounce back. How I win and eventually win.”

The first official single from the new album was “Talk to Me”, the group’s eighth track on the Billboard AAA Airplay chart and their fourth to enter the Top 5.

The next single for The Record Company is “Roll With It”, a more traditional roots rock track with lots of handclaps, vocal harmonies and call-and-response chants – forcing the band to maintain their timeless sound and follow up their past successes with new hits. .

“This is like a lot of things that have happened to us in our careers,” Stiff said. “We found this song to be an unexpected hit and we were surrounded by people asking how we were going to duplicate our success; basically duplicate the same thing. We didn’t know, but we loved how this song, one of the last we wrote for this album, came together so quickly and sounded like our kind of thing, and we were really crazy about it. We are

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