The Vermont Vapor Company is sponsoring Alnobayi this November

The garden furniture manufacturer is supporting a Vermont Abenaki non-profit organization this year

Vermont Business Magazine In honor of Native American Heritage Month and in the spirit of gratitude, Vermont Vapor Co. will donate a portion of its sales to support Native Americans and causes for the sixth year in a row this November. This year, the company donated a portion of its November sales to local nonprofits. Alnobaiwi.

“The first inhabitants of North America discovered how to make maple sugar and passed this knowledge on to European immigrants,” said Kate Whaley McCabe, CEO of Vermont Evaporator Company. “All of us who work in the maple industry benefit from this knowledge transfer every day. At Vermont Evaporator Company, we stand with indigenous communities like the Vermont Abenaki, who want to participate in traditional practices on lands they mapped thousands of years ago.”

Over the years, he has supported the Vermont Vapor Company The struggle of a tribe to establish sovereignty over their ancestors, Organizations that help natives to get out of covidAnd Across the country, BIPOC groups lead food and land justice and sovereignty efforts. This year, the company is bringing its dollars back home to support people working to preserve Vermont’s Abenaki cultural heritage.

“In order to preserve the way of life given to the Vermont Abenaki by previous generations, it is important for the people to understand how important it is to the Vermont Abenaki that the Vermont Abenaki have always been here, are still here, and will stay here. David says Shane, Alnobaiwi Aid Coordinator. “Abenaki must be recognized as an important and continuing part of Vermont’s history and culture, and we appreciate Vermont Evaporator Company’s willingness to support our mission and spread the word.”

If you want to help Alnobaiwi protect Vermont’s Abenaki ways, you can do so in November by purchasing a product from the Vermont Steam Company. The company will transfer 5% of that sale to Alnobaiwi. You can also donate directly to Alnobaiwi. on their website.

About Vermont Vapor Company:

Vermont Evaporator Company, LLC, based in Montpelier, Vermont, is a family-owned business that manufactures portable, versatile and easy-to-use small home sap vaporizers. With a Sapling Evaporator and accessories, as well as a line of sugar cookers and other commercial equipment, Vermont Evaporator Company is making maple country’s favorite pastime fun, affordable and accessible to maple lovers everywhere, making delicious syrup from tree to table. their own homes. For more information, visit

In Care Of AlnobayuI:

Alnobaiwi is a non-profit organization headquartered in Ethan Allen Homestead Mission in Burlington, Vermont.Preserving and practicing Abenaki culture and heritage and teaching about First Peoples in Vermont.“Alnobaiwi, which is Abenaki for ‘in the Abenaki way,'” includes all four Vermont Abenaki bands — Mississippi, Elnu, Koasek and Nulhegan — as well as the Canadian Abenaki.

Alnobaiwi brings Abenaki heritage together to participate in ceremony and to learn and pass on their language, foodways, and crafts. Alnobaiwi is an educational center for people outside the Abenaki community about the history, tradition and present life of the Abenaki people.

If you want to know more about Alnobaiwi, please use This contact form.

Source: MONTPELIER, Vt. — (November 1, 2023) Vermont Steam Company

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