multiple times each and every evening. Larsa has likewise expressed that her ongoing relationship isn't deficient in that area either, saying that Marcus "wears a size 15 shoe" so "he's alright."

The Genuine Housewives of Miami star has boasted to her castmates that she and Scottie used to have intercourse

and the NBA legend answered with a straightforward and reverberating: " No!"

In July this year, Michael was found out if he supported his child's sentiment with Larsa Pippen — the ex of his previous Chicago Bulls partner Scottie Pippen

and the best man at my sibling's wedding, so clearly, we'll push the practice along," he said

would it be advisable for him he and Larsa wind up getting hitched. "I was the best man at his wedding

on the Pablo Torres Finds Out digital broadcast, Marcus declared his arrangements to have Michael as his best man

however, Marcus is hopeful that his father will come around. During a new discussion

TitleMichael Jordan probably won't be excited that his child Marcus is involved with Larsa Pippen 2

Michael Jordan has made it clear he doesn't support his child dating the ex of his old partner Scottie Pippen.